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Clarity Publishing is an independent publisher & copywriter based in Penang, Malaysia. Our focus is on producing high-quality illustrated books that bring together great stories with outstanding design, photography and artwork.

In addition, we provide a full range of custom publishing solutions for our corporate clients. From newsletters and magazines to books, our publications leave a lasting impression which connect in an engaging, informative and entertaining way.

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What We Do


Small is beautiful.

In an age where more and more publishers are being swallowed by giant information conglomerates we’re very proud of our independence and small size. It means we can focus on our passion for creating great books and taking the occasional risk.

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Innovative editorial development is what makes Clarity so special.

By working closely with our clients to really understand them and their business, we can tell genuinely inspiring stories that resonate with readers. Our brand of corporate storytelling is about communicating complex concepts in an easy-to-read manner, very different from the typical corporate bullsh*t.

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Clarity specialises in providing original, custom-tailored copy to suit a range of marketing and corporate communication needs.

By specialising in copywriting, we are able to focus our experience and talents on giving our clients excellent writing that hits the target every time.

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