Dismissed, dispossessed, depopulated and displaced for their lifestyles that are in conflict with neocolonial logics of exploitation and material accumulation, indigenous peoples steward a trove of knowledge and egalitarian relationalities with nature. In the light of our current ecological crisis, SPIRITED is a one-of-a-kind exhibition of indigenous art across Nusantara from the David Goh Collection, reflecting on the losses that we have suffered as a collective in our pursuit to cast ourselves as “modern”.

Through over 60 never-before-published art pieces from Peninsular Malaysia through Papua New Guinea, SPIRITED delves into a world that subverts capitalism and coloniality. The collection journeys through idyllic villages in search of angry ancestors, spirits in the woods, and immortal creatures who tell stories of yesteryears. It uncovers a common wealth of meaning, magic and non-human kin that we once knew but have now lost.