Terengganu is more than a state; it is a country by itself, full of magic and spirits with its seas lending an air of sensuality and surprise to Dina Zaman’s dream-like stories.

King of the Sea began as a project she worked on as a Master’s student at Lancaster University, inspired by her homesickness and her longing for Terengganu air. Drawing on her childhood memories of visits to her grandparents in Terengganu, Dina explores themes of love, grief, loss and longing, and the magic in our lives.

Spiced with sardonic humour and wit, King of the Sea is a book about the ineffable spirit of place, and how seemingly ordinary women and men experience the extraordinary.


Dina Zaman is a Kuala Lumpur-based writer and researcher. She is the co-founder of IMAN Research, a think tank focusing on socio-political and security matters, and a founding member of the Southeast Asian Women Peacebuilders.

She is a regular speaker at regional and international conferences on preventing and countering violent extremism.

She has written extensively for the Malaysian media and is currently a regular contributor to The Jakarta Post. Her latest passion projects revolve around Terengganu Royal History. Dina is also the author of three non-fiction titles – I am Muslim (Silverfish Publishing), Holy Men, Holy Women (SIRD) and Malayland (Ethos/Faction).