In a corporate jungle obsessed with hype, office politics and the never-ending race for promotion and power, textbook leadership skills are failing to bridge the gap between management and their most precious commodity – people.

From her humble roots growing up in a Malaysian village, Boonsiri Somchit shows what it takes to truly engage and lead from the heart. Taking inspiration from her childhood adventures with her rag-tag gang, Boonsiri brings her authentic insights to leadership, life and dealing with rogue chickens.

Boonsiri Somchit is an international authority in the world of Global Business Services (GBS). With over three decades experience as a finance and operations professional in the tech sector, Boonsiri Somchit has made her mark on Malaysia and the global stage. After leaving Motorola and Komag, she became the VP and founding CEO of AMD Global Business Services (headquartered in Malaysia), an organisation she led for 14 years, which has been recognised as a global industry benchmark.

She is:
• Bursary Board member of the Adventist Hospital Penang
• Top 25 Most Influential Women Leaders in Malaysia (The Malaysian Business Magazine)
• Past Brand Ambassador Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
• Past Industry Advisor for Outsourcing Malaysia
• Past Industry Advisor for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC)
• Past Industry Advisor for Penang Women Development Corporation (PWDC)
• Winner of the 2014 National Award for Management Accountants (Category: Outstanding Contribution to Business Performance)